Kokan Ngo
Feed One Feed All

In the 2023 Global Hunger Index, India ranks 111th out of the 125 countries.

In a heartwarming initiative to combat hunger and bolster community well-being, this 21 October 2023 Kokan NGO introduces the "Feed One Feed All project." With a mere one rupee, we stand united to provide nourishing meals to underprivileged individuals in cities, transcending financial barriers to ensure access to essential sustenance.


400 Nutritious Meal

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350 Nutritious Meal

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250 Nutritious Meal

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150 Nutritious Meal

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The Feed One Feed All project in Pune, by Kokan NGO, aims to create positive change by providing meals to the needy. The project helps them improve their health, education, and livelihoods, creating a cycle of progress. By joining the project, you can transform lives and futures. The project feeds and inspires thousands of people, helping them overcome malnutrition and poverty. Thank you for your support.

The Feed One Feed All project by Kokan NGO provides free meals to the needy, improving their health and well-being. The project also empowers them to pursue education and livelihoods, creating a cycle of progress. You can join the project and transform lives with your support. The project has already benefited more than 15,396 people till date and aims to tackle malnutrition and hunger in India. Let’s nourish hope and shape a better world, one person at a time.

Regd No.F3894 | Regd under Maharashtra Public Trust Act,1950. 80G No – AACTK0913AF20143 REG DATE – 30/10/2012