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Ensuring Seamless Education of Poor Rural Children for a Better Future.

“NGO Working for Education and Sustainable living.”

Is the right to education only the right of the privileged?

Every child, including the most disadvantaged, has the right to an education because it has the power to change lives. However, there are still more than 57 million children who do not have access to education.

Right to Education

The pandemic closed the doors of education as many children didn’t learn because they lacked access to the necessary technology, and as a result, a majority of them dropped out of schools. To address this issue, we initiated our “Yuva Kiran” program. We identified meritorious graduate students with poor financial backgrounds and provided scholarships to them, and in turn asked them to share their time and knowledge by educating a group of students from their nearby area.

We connected with several students who had not been a part of the education system over the previous year due to a lack of connectivity. Due to the pandemic, many students continued to face the impact of the learning loss, and a rigorous remedial learning programme was set up to cater to their needs. We encourage student participation and allow the redressal of any student-specific problems. We also run an after-school programme for needy children who are very weak in their studies and can’t afford the heavy tuition fee. We work in close partnership with the parents, to ensure their support in encouraging their children and reinforcing learning at home.


More than 2,000 children have benefited through our community learning centres.


Empowering underprivileged children who do not have access to online education through a holistic approach to learning. We need your support to ensure our students have access to learning devices and the internet so they can continue learning and live empowered lives.

Our Yuva Kiran approach has the following key components

Skill Development Sessions

In addition to education, we develop children’s personalities and develop their outlooks on the future by developing lifelong interests. In an adult life, these talents can be nurtured into skills that will help children to make a living.

Access to Digital Education Gadgets

Online classes became the new normal during the pandemic, but many children who had no internet access or couldn’t afford smartphones were left behind in education. We equipped children from low-income families with tabs for attending online classes.



Target Group

Underprivileged children

Main Focus


Project Duration

Since 2019

We have 67 community learning centres across the rural parts of Maharashtra that have benefited more than 10,000 children. A lack of access to education for children from poorer families leads to rising inequalities. As part of our efforts to reach unreached children, we plan to establish community learning centres in 20 more districts of Maharashtra. Our goal is to connect all marginalised children to learning platforms in order to avoid learning gaps, and only your support will allow us to succeed.

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