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Why partner with us

Why partner with us?

As an organisation, we focus on lasting change through sustainable solutions for the empowerment of children, women and marginalised communities. Throughout our programs, we constantly strive to implement broader, more systematic interventions that are lasting and sustainable.

Corporate social responsibility is celebrated when companies invest in social causes, and we provide a framework for successful collaborations. Corporate partners are an integral part of our organisation, and we are transparent in every action we take. In addition, partnering with us will make a lasting difference in the lives of children and marginalised communities, as well as enable you to achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

Here's what makes us the right CSR partner!

Enhances financial performance

High CSR performance increases customer loyalty, boosts employee productivity, and lowers financing costs, which, in turn, increases profit margins and drives more opportunities to expand growth options and invest in product innovation.

Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals

You have the power to take your CSR initiatives global by working toward sustainable development goals. Work directly with us by creating social impact through our sustainable projects that aim to enhance the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Our Experience

Having worked with more than 50 companies and multinationals, we are well-versed in the roles, workings, and responsibilities that are part of CSR. Each and every action we take is transparent to our corporate partners, and they can contact us directly about our ongoing campaigns and projects.

Bring social purpose to the organisation

By partnering with us, you will bring social purpose to your organisation. Socially responsible companies have the opportunity to stand out from the competition as they cultivate superior and positive brand recognition.

Build up good public relations

Partnering with us will highlight your commitment to serving humanity, making others think highly of you. Companies that are socially responsible have a better image and build a stronger brand, which is valued by customers and business partners.

Help increase your reach

Throughout the year, we conduct countless events and campaigns to spread awareness about our missions. Partnering with us will provide the opportunity to reach a diverse audience and achieve your business objectives.

Employee engagement

Employees are true ambassadors of an organisation. Through a CSR initiative, employees feel a sense of belonging and pride as teamwork is fostered by achieving a common goal. To begin your journey with Kokan NGO, please contact us via email or phone, and we shall contact you promptly to discuss how you can contribute to our missions and sustainable projects.

Our Partners

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