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Son preference – the cause of female feticide

In spite of over six decades of Independence, making rapid progress in science, technology and other fields, the practice of female foeticide, which is illegal, is still prevalent in our country. Despite having the longest constitution in the world that has numerous provisions protecting women, we are still lacking the transformation that will shield women against the innumerable discriminations they face every day. 
Ancient Indian Vedic texts gave importance to the worship of goddesses and women were referred to as ‘saamraajini’, the queen of the home! However, the status of women declined greatly in the middle ages, so much so that they were only considered to be responsible for bringing up a child and other household tasks.

Why are women’s roles only confined to cooking and looking after children?

One can not expect to end social evils against women without addressing the root cause – Patriarchy. While we as a society have come a long way in working to improve women’s lives, the fight for women’s equality and well-being is far from over. Violence against women, gender discrimination, and the wage gap are three major challenges, of many, which need to be worked by helping women lead the path of independence through empowerment.
We work extensively in the field of women empowerment. Women's empowerment has become the necessity of the time and in order help them realise their potential and make use of their strength, we provide women with vocational and technical training in areas such as tailoring, beauty parlour, nursing, baking, fashion designing, health and hygiene products making and so on to help them build marketable skills and improve their decision-making abilities, which enhances mainstream employment for women.
Our skill development programme has empowered rural women through practical knowledge and guidance, enabling them to self-sustaining and improving profits in the long run by addressing barriers that hold women back through personality development sessions. Self employment has enabled women to lead the path of independence by helping them become economically independent and self-sufficient.

Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

Author Name :   ― Maya Angelou

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